Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 plays in 30 days!

We've had an incredible response to our competition as we approach the one-month mark from the official start on June 26. More than 30 one-act and full-length plays have been successfully submitted so far, which means we have a lot of reading to do!

Obviously, most of these plays were written prior to the start of Unchained Love, so they were not written specifically with the theme in mind. Some of the plays are written entirely in verse; some have songs. Some deal with extreme topics, like sibling incest, and some have a sci-fi theme. It's a cornucopia of dramatic and comedic work!

If you have a story that you think tells the very truth and nature of a modern love relationship, I encourage you to send it in!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A sports metaphor

This is really apt metaphor of how poly people get treated by their monogamous friends all the time. This attitude is why poly support groups exist.

"Polyamory and a sports metaphor"

There is a saying that I heard once from Ken Haslam, who curates an archive of polyamory materials for the Kinsey Institute: "Nature loves diversity; society hates it." And it's true. With so much wonderful diversity in the world, we as a society seem determined to make everyone fit into our own preconceived notions, whether it comes to race, gender, religion, lovestyle or any of an infinite number of ways we express our humanity.

If this competition can open some people's minds about the possibility of happiness outside the traditional model of monogamy, it will have done some good.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rules for Poly Singles

I just got done sorting through the first wave of entries, and the response has been very encouraging! I'm happy to see that the word is getting around on various playwright and poly web sites and people think this is a great idea. So we are off to a rollicking start!

I found this interesting blog post on some guidelines for being a poly single. As a poly single myself since October, I'll be thinking about my own version of these rules if/when I decide to get into a new relationship. But I thought in just reading these rules, they suggested some interesting plot twists for characters in potential plays. Check it out and let me know what you think!