Monday, April 21, 2014

Tomorrow's reading

On the eve of the reading, there are still things to do but I'm taking the day off work to get everything done before the event. A producer's job is never finished!

Some people have asked if the readings will be recorded for later viewing and unfortunately, Actors' Equity Association rules do not permit any recordings of readings. I know not everybody can make one specific date of a performance so I wish we could commit to additional readings. Depending on the reception we get tomorrow night, maybe we will be able to make that happen.

My real hope is that we will find a way to actually produce one or both plays as a showcase, but we would definitely need a sponsor who knows the theater business a lot better than I do to make that a reality. But lest we put the cart before the horse, I'm just staying focused on doing the best job we can do tomorrow - the rest will unfold as it should.

Whatever happens, this experience has been tremendously satisfying, working with talented and creative people and bringing such wonderful plays to life.

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